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Install Kit

You will need a full wiring kit to install your stereo system.

Amp Install Kit
Amp Install Kit 4 AWG Complete dual amplifier installation kit. Kit includes 17ft. 4 AWG silver braided power cable, 3ft. 4 AWG black braided ground cable, 6ft. 8 AWG silver braided power cable, 6ft. 8 AWG black braided ground cable, (2) CPST-500 16.4ft. Twisted interconnect cables, 40ft. 16 AWG OFC speaker cable, high current MAXI fuse holder with 60 amp fuse, 2-position distribution block with 30 amp fuses, 4-position ground distribution block, three 4 AWG solid copper seamless ring terminals and acc pack.
Wiring Kit
Wiring Kit Mains Power Cable: 6.1m 8Ga Silver Conductor, Gold Ring + Spade Terminals with Lugs: Pre-assembled
Grounds Cable: 1.2m 8Ga, Gold Ring+Spade Terminals with Lugs: Preassembled, 2m to 2m RCA Interconnects: 5.2m, RCA Plugs: Gold-plated Tip Full Platinum 4-straight, Dielectric OFC conductors: Twisted pair, Twin-directional grounding: 6mmx2
Noise-free Sheilding: 3 Layers, Blue PVC Remote Turn-on Led Wires: 6.1m 18Ga, Gold Spade Terminals with Crimps: Pre-assembled, OFC conductor Loudspeaker Cables: 6.1m 16Ga Gold Plated RCA Plugs, Gold Spade Terminals with Crimps: Pre-assembled, Durable Flex Loom Tubing: 1.8
Firewall Grommet: 0 13.0mm, AGU Fuse Holder: 24K Gold Plated Solid Brass, AGU Fuse: 60A Gold-capped
Cable Ties: 5 Pcs 100mm, Spare crimps: 16Ga. 4 pcs 8Ga 2 pcs
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