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Car Seats

Here is a list of some of the more popular performance seat brands.

Recaro Seats
recaro seats Recaro is a German company based in Stuttgart, well known for their bucket seats and commonly contracted to produce upgraded racing style seats for all the sporty cars built by the Volkswagen Group as well as many other manufacturers.
Sparco Seats
sparco seats Sparco is an Italian auto part and accessory company that specializes in producing items such as seats, steering wheels, harnesses, racewear and helmets. They also sponsor many types of auto races including rallies, indy, and motorcycles.
Corbeau Seats
corbeau seats Corbeau Seats and accessories continue to be the number one choice for motorsports enthusiasts everywhere. Our unmatched experience in research and design has led to the development of the highest quality and most technologically advanced line of seats available today.
Baby Car Seats
baby car seats No one seat is the "best" or "safest." The best seat is the one that fits your child's size, is
correctly installed, and is used properly every time you drive. When shopping for a car
safety seat, keep safety in mind
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