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Sparco Seats

Sparco is an Italian auto part and accessory company that specializes in producing items such as seats, steering wheels, harnesses, racewear and helmets. They also sponsor many types of auto races including rallies, indy, and motorcycles.

Sparco Milano Seat
Sparco Milano Seat
The Milano seat combines the ultimate in form and function. Hand crafted in Italy, this elegant seat has several features integrated into its construction to assure proper ergonomics, comfort and performance. The Milano seat utilizes technologies that did not exist in aftermarket testing until Sparco Master Certified Safety Engineers invented them. The Milano will allow you to gain absolute control of your vehicle and enhance your driving experience.
- Seat is covered in Italian leather
Sparco Monza Seat
Sparco Monza Seat For over 25 years Sparco engineers have made safety their number one priority. Our highly experienced research and development teams are constantly searching for new technologies and evolving our products from the feedback of professional racing drivers, car manufacturers and automotive enthusiasts. Continuing with our longstanding tradition of passion, performance and safety, Sparco has moved to the next level with the introduction of the Monza.
Sparco Roadster Seat
Sparco Roadster Seat
An evolution of our world famous competition seats, this seat is designed for highway use (not recommended for competition purposes) and designed for use in high performance sports cars. The special shape provides maximum lateral support and the bolsters still allow for ease of entry. The shell is constructed of fiberglass and is covered in high quality Jacquard material assuring a long life as well as good looks.
Sparco Torino Seat
Sparco Torino Seat
Based on the Milano, the Torino brings you absolute comfort and vehicle control. The back rest can be reclined to the millimeter and features the exclusive QTS (quick tilt system) technology for rapid return to the upright position. It also features a revolutionary contoured injection molded memory foam and Touring car inspired g-force absorbing side bolsters. The high quality Jacquard material stands up to every day use while the anti-abrasion inserts save your seats from damage.
Sparco Fighter Seat
Sparco Fighter Seat The Fighter seat was designed to give the extreme support of one of our competition seats with ease of installation found in our street performance seats. The Fighter incorporates perforated abrasion resistant inserts to protect against excessive wear and also features a high-tension spring-and-wire system to secure the cover to the shell. This system will allow you to easily remove and clean the seat cover, restoring it show quality condition. Also included are a pair of the Sparco dual-density lumbar pads that enable you to customize the seat to fit your specific body type.
Sparco Siena Seat
Sparco Siena Seat The Siena is the newest addition to our world famous performance seat range. Developed using the same engineering and manufacturing philosophy that was used in the Torino and Milano, Sparco has focused on utilizing the highest quality materials based upon a strength and weight vs. cost ratio. Utilizing the new processes developed in our state-of-the-art production facility in Europe, the Siena seat is the only entry-level performance seat that could pass Sparco’s strict new safety and performance standards. The back rest can be reclined to the millimeter, and features the exclusive QTS (quick tilt system) technology for rapid return to the upright position.
Sparco Speed Seat
Sparco Speed Seat The Speed is an evolution of the world famous "Sprint" competition seat, which is one of the most popular seats in Sparco's line. A joint technical partnership with Pirelli has developed a new internal support system that offers improved comfort and control. The Speed features the same high density injection molded memory foam found in the Torino and Milano. All seats are available in competition fabric, black Jacquard is also available.
Sparco Light Circuit Seat
Sparco Light Circuit Seat Truly the ultimate competition seat.
Developed in collaboration with the top racing teams in the world, the unique design of the Circuit offers the driver the ultimate in comfort, control and protection. With key features such as the integrated impact-absorbing head restraint system and unparalleled lateral support, the Circuit is fast on its way to becoming the most widely used seat in road and rally racing. Other features include fire retardant covers with anti-slip fabric in the shoulder and seat areas, pre-formed thigh support to keep legs in the optimum position and special shock absorbing material in the head and side areas. The S-Light Circuit includes all of the same features as the S-Light and incorporates the same head restraint found on our Circuit seat.
Sparco Fiberglass Seat
Sparco Fiberglass Seat Winner in its debut during the 1995 season, the Pro 2000 won the British Touring Car Championship with John Cleland and Vauxhall. The shell is available in fiberglass or carbon fiber and is extremely light-weight but rigid enough to stand up to any test. Other key features include excellent lateral grip on the whole body, and special adjustable lateral lumbar supports.
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