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Autometer Gauges

Autometer make the best gauges on the market.

Autometer Air Fuel Gauge
Autometer Air Fuel Gauge Includes 8 ft. tubing or wiring harness.
LED digital display.
Two 0-5v data output feeds for ECU, data acquisition unit, or Laptop tuning
Auto-Dimming gauge brightness feature
Includes high-quality Bosch wideband O2 sensor
Display data in Lambda or numerical A/F ratio
User programmable range
Peak recall/memory
Autometer Amp Current Gauge
Autometer Amp Current Gauge LED digital display.
Includes current sensor and 20ft. harness.
Autometer Fuel Gauge
Autometer Fuel Gauge Air-Core meter movement.
For use with Auto Meter sender model 3262.
Autometer Oil Presure Gauge
Autometer Oil Presure Gauge Includes 6 ft. nylon tubing with 1/8" NPT fittings.
Includes 1/4'' NPT adapter/fittings.
Autometer Speedometer Gauge
Autometer Speedometer Gauge Resettable Trip odometer.
Will work with most factory sensors. If sender may be required.
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